Recently I was sitting down and watching TV when this fun and lively ad came on for a show called Born This Way. I was so excited because at first site it appears to be a show the real lives of people with disabilities. Something I think we need to see more of. Then I sat down and googled it and found out that not only were they getting ready to start a third season. But that they won an Emmy for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series. (Really Unstructured?)

If this was a mainstream show that won an Emmy it would have been promoted a lot more. But kudos to the minds behind the show for being brave and stepping out of the boring box.

I am excited for them but surprised that the series was not getting more publicity. It is almost coming of as a quiet hush. So I ask all who have and know people with disabilities to check out this show and share it with your friends and family.

Born this Way on A&E