Invisible Disability.png

In my usual google searches I came across this interesting article for 2015 about Invisible Disabilities. It’s an interesting term that I know but never heard of before. There are people like my sister who can wake up in the morning and once they get going function like everyone else. But after a trip to the mall for just an hour their disability is apparent.

So is the invisible disability theory fact or fiction. I know many people myself included who battle physical medical issues that are not always apparent to a passerby. Why? Because we suck it up, bear the pain and move on through are day. And yet there are people out there ready to judge anyone without understanding who they are and what truly ails them.

When is a disability more than an outward symptom such as being in a wheelchair. And equally just because someone is in a wheelchair or talks and thinks a little differently, how does that make them different than anyone else.

Read this story and realize that just what you see with you own two eyes may not be the whole story.