Invisible Disabilities is something that is not uncommon but it is simply forgotten. When someone has an outward disability that is easy to pick up on like being in a wheelchair people think, ‘There is a disabled person’.

But when that disability is hidden inside you or dormant unless under extreme circumstances people think something is wrong with you. For years my asthma has never been a big issue but these past two months it has gotten so hard to control that I cough constantly. People look at me or comment ‘You should stop smoking.’ They just assume a situation without even knowing it.


This also happens when I have been on my feet a lot and fatigued I stumble. Not because I drank a little too much wine but I have RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome and it often comes out on its own schedule. So take a few minutes to watch this interesting video and reflect on the many kinds of ‘Invisible Disabilities’ that thousands suffer every day.

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