What a wonderful read I read it with my aunt and it spurred our imagination on what technology could do in the future. As you know I am not a Sci-Fi Gal but it was very intriguing.

What if technology could change your brain?

A venture capitalist with a brain-damaged mother
At thirty-five, Mike Cohen lives the American dream. With billions in the bank and his own venture capital firm, he’s succeeded beyond his Russian immigrant mother’s wildest hopes. The only problem? A car accident that leaves Mike’s mother with memory problems.

A technology that can transform the world

Brainocytes, a new technology developed by one of Mike’s portfolio companies, may be the answer to his mother’s injury—and offer applications that push the limits of the human mind. Only Mike isn’t the only one who sees its potential.

A ruthless enemy with a dark agenda

When a routine hospital trial turns into a violent kidnapping, Mike is plunged into a criminal underworld darker than anything he could’ve imagined. From the streets of Manhattan to the nightclubs of Moscow, Mike and his allies will have to use all their ingenuity to survive… and save the one he loves.