Seeing Beyond the Surface

Uplifting stories about and by people with disabilities

Volume I


When we see beyond a person’s immediate façade, looking inside them for what is there, instead of making a judgement on just what we can see, then we are truly seeing that person for what they are and their true value.

Seeing Beyond the Surface Volume 1, is a collection of short stories and poems which has been written by people with disabilities, or by those who are living with someone who has a disability.

The works inside the pages of this book are truly uplifting and inspiring, filled with all of the positives of life and never dwelling on the negatives, just because there may be more of them and they are more obvious some of the time.

There are words which will make you smile, sentences to motivate and inspire you and whole paragraphs which will surprise you.  Every page holds something new and unique, and every author delivers personal and first-hand experiences that will move and encourage you to keep reading.


To learn more about the contributors, click here to read their bios.


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